No somos héroes, con Miguel Angel Fernández en Carretera y Country Radio

Hoy lunes a las 9pm emitimos No somos héroes un programa parte de La Aventura Americana de Miguel Angel Fernández en Carretera y Country Radio, que como recordamos podéis seguir también por TuneIn.


01-Daryle and Rhonda -American Grandstand
02-Rhonda Vincent – Just Someone I Used to Know
03-Daryle Singletary – Old Violin
04-The Country Side of Harmonica Sam – A Drink After Midnight
05-Eric Brace and Peter Cooper – Big Steve
06- Madelyn Victoria – Sand in a Bottle
07-Roy Rogers with Emmylou Harris – Little Joe The Wrangler
08-Waylon Jennings – Honkey Tonk Heros
09-Waylon Jennings – Willy the Wandering Gypsy and Me
10-Waylon Jennings – Ain’t No God In Mexico
11-The Highwaymen – Silver Stallion
12-It’s All Going to Pot- Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard
13-The Bellamy Brothers – Let Your Love Flow
14-Lynn Anderson- All The Kings Horses

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